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  • Communications Strategy

    Great communications results don’t just happen. Reaching your goals takes thought, research and detailed planning. We provide intelligent communications strategy across all key disciplines. We guide you through the strategic planning, audience analysis and behaviours, execution, monitoring and evaluation of your projects, so that every activity, no matter how small, builds to support your organisation’s long-term communications objectives.

  • Branding

    There’s more to you than your logo. Is your brand working hard enough? Are you working your brand hard enough? Have you evolved faster than your brand? We work closely with clients through every step of the branding process, from market research to design, from branding guidelines to delivery. We safely handle the planning, strategic management and full execution of your project whether it’s the branding and positioning of a new company or service, or a complete brand refresh.

Digital Intelligence

Digital Snapshots

An intelligent, short form audit of your current digital assets, analytics, and identification of immediate opportunity gaps.

Digital Audit

A comprehensive, long form audit across existing digital assets, content review, best practices and strategic recommendations for the evolution of a new digital strategy.

Digital Benchmarking

A comprehensive digital review of an organisation’s current digital strategy benchmarked to key sector competitors with our own intelligent scorecard metrics.

Social Media Audit

A detailed review of your social media strategy, content review, best practices and workflow recommendations.

Audience Analysis – stakeholder workshops – User personas & report

An independent workshop and report-based process working with your internal teams to establish key audiences, stakeholders, audience behaviour, surveys and communications strategy.

  • Editorial and Content Creation

    We work collaboratively to get the insights we need to engage your audiences with high quality editorial content. We create fresh and compelling writing that is properly researched, structured and developed to get the messaging just right. From in-house publications to retail magazines, brochures, annual reports, newsletters, email campaigns and infographics, our in-house editorial team supports English first language and multi-language editorial needs.

  • Video and Animation

    Video and animation are now ‘must haves’ for every company and organisation. Why? Because moving images achieve the highest levels of audience accessibility, message retention and emotional engagement. Your audiences now expect video to be at the centre of your online presence, bringing your message or brand to life across on-line channels from corporate identity, promotion, sales, corporate communications, product launches, advertising and engaging internal communications. We create, produce and customise original moving images and films to tell and connect your stories. From concept to messaging, scriptwriting to storyboarding through to local or international production, post-production, language versions and localisation.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Our experienced in-house digital strategy team identifies the most appropriate social platforms, strategies and workflows that will engage both your current and potential audiences. If you already have a strategy in place and are looking to refresh it, you can use our team to do a social media audit for you and get new detailed recommendations.

  • Graphic Design

    Original design is our passion. We bring together our clients needs and business strategy with clear, compelling visuals to deliver design our clients love. Our diverse design team generate style insights, sketches, wireframes, storyboards, animations, films and complete digital and print designs that wow your audiences and deliver strong visual impact.

  • Web Design and Development

    A distinctive, originally designed, functional and interactive website is the cornerstone of your business or campaign. And with the acceleration of mobile as the second internet revolution, web and mobile are now one. We put your web presence firmly into the hands of your target audiences whether they are the general public, sector specialists, important decision makers or buyers of your products. From B2B to B2C.

  • Mobile App Design

    Mobile isn’t just about taking website content and making it available on a mobile device. We help you decide the most effective paths for your organisation, your product or your campaign. And then we design original effective apps with smart user journeys and build, register, launch and actively promote your apps using our intelligent digital marketing solutions.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    We design and deliver innovative digital reality experiences to leading global companies. From initial concept to design, from user journey to content production, publication and delivery. AR and VR provide new digital experiences to your audiences, stimulating new levels of response and engagement with direct user control over interactive content. AR and VR provide organisations with multiple sales, brand promotion, campaign impact and training opportunities that will soon become a core component of multi-media communication strategies.

  • Responsive Design

    The internet is changing, rapidly and the future is mobile. Our analytics experts report daily on the changing ways that users view websites across all platforms. If you’re engaging a wide range of audiences you need a detailed awareness of how your audiences reach you, and how you most effectively reach them. Responsive design and future-proofing is an essential component of every web project.

  • User Friendly Content Management Systems

    Fast, simple and secure content management. Our approach is completely platform agnostic. We are not precious about using any particular CMS – and we bring our intelligence to recommend the CMS that suits your needs, whether it’s WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other platform. We work closely with you to identify your key requirements. Sometimes the best results mean spending a little more time together ‘thinking’ and less time ‘doing’.

  • Digital Publications

    Extend the reach and interactivity of your print publications. Carbon-friendly, easily-customised, measurable and interactive. Digital publications draw together your key content (text, images, charts, infographics, video) and deliver them efficiently to your multiple audience in the most effective way, at well below the cost of traditional print.

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