September 14, 2017

Top 10 priorities for your 2018 digital marketing budget

Emma Baumhofer - Digital Manager

More than ever 2018 will be the year for digital marketing. It is a year to focus on creating visual digital experiences that include video and mobile-first content. Your 2018 digital marketing strategy should be integrated across several platforms and mediums. With so many digital and print channels available, it is important to establish brand consistency while communicating with each of your target audience profiles. Consistent, well-delivered, creative ideas will always be the key to the highest engagement

Feeling overwhelmed? Media Frontier can help you at every stage of the process, assuring your digital outputs are effective, creative, and cutting edge. Here are our top 10 recommendations on what to include in your 2018 digital marketing budget.

1. An up to date digital presence

A big portion of your 2018 digital marketing resources should be dedicated to updating and improving your digital presence. This does not mean starting from scratch and designing a brand new website every few years, rather, it’s about building on your established foundation. Websites must perpetually evolve in order to keep up with current trends and customer expectations. There is more to life than text and stills. Your website should be an interactive storytelling platform that creates a multimedia digital experience for your visitors. Media Frontier can help to identify and implement the amazing new tools available to enhance your existing website. We will help you to create a holistic digital experience for your audience to engage with during each key moment in your business and communications strategy.

2. Mobile-first strategy

Mobile optimisation is only becoming more important. You need to be thinking mobile-first across all digital platforms. This includes, but far surpasses, having a responsive website. It’s about creating content thoughtfully optimised for a mobile viewing experience. This means letting go of old print-related terms like “above the fold” and spending the time to create user journeys tailored for mobile devices. A digital agency like Media Frontier can help you navigate the transition of your content and your platforms to mobile-ready experiences.

3. High-quality editorial

Plain and simple, content is still king. The dry company updates on your website have hopefully by now been replaced by engaging, interesting content modified for and pushed out through several digital channels – if not, start now. These could include snackable updates posted to social media, long form articles for a company blog or content marketing campaign, and sales and marketing communications. When you create the content you drive the message and the optimisation. Content ownership allows for versioning between teams and platforms so that your message enjoys the longest shelf life and reaches the maximum number of people. Take the chance to highlight your company culture, address customer concerns, and discuss relevant industry topics to build trust with your clients, potential clients, and employees. Content is a long term investment that pays off. Does your company have channels in place to produce high quality communications in multiple languages? Media Frontier provides professional business-English content, plus translations.

4. Video

If content is king then video is queen. It is simply an essential part now of all digital marketing plans for companies big and small. There are many exciting options within the sphere of video for your company to take advantage of, including 360-degree video, UGC content, interactive video, and decision trees (for the latter, see our case study for the Global Fund “We Speak Together” campaign). Video content is immediate, super engaging, and more likely to be shared than other types of content. Focus on creating video that is optimised for mobile viewing. The nice thing about video in 2018 is its accessibility. In addition to creating highly produced videos and slick digital video ads, most of the top social apps now have mobile video features integrated into them. Instagram stories quickly captivated users, as well as Snapchat face filters, Facebook and YouTube livestreams, and 360 videos to name a few. Plus, Facebook just launched their new video channel so there is only more video to come from them. Media Frontier draws on a robust portfolio of video projects when considering your specific video needs. Take a look at our past work on our Vimeo page.

5. AR / VR

Don’t be turned off by the acronyms, augmented reality and virtual reality are much easier, and much more affordable to incorporate into your 2018 digital marketing plan than you think. Audiences are hungry for these new interactive methods of experiencing content and they are the perfect tools to lift your content to the next level, not to mention to increase engagement exponentially. The Nestlé150 augmented reality app we created is just one example of how AR (and VR) can enhance a company message while staying very user-friendly.

6. Social

It is essential to make sure your team has the capacity to translate and deliver your content to the most relevant social media audiences. Long form content produced for blogs and articles should be broken down into short form “snackable” posts to be promoted on all relevant platforms for your organisation or company. All of the main social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube) now offer advertising options as well, so these should certainly be leveraged to boost your content and reach new audiences. High-quality content, converted into targeted, useful, customer-centric campaigns are the best way to reach people and to avoid ad blockers. Media Frontier’s in-house social media expert can help get your 2018 social strategy on track.

7. Digital event design

For events, creative digital and moving image elements are the essentials design features for delivering impact, increasing engagement, and extending the lifespan of your message. For the Minamata Convention on Mercury this month Media Frontier is coordinating a multimedia event that includes digital installations, activities, video, social media, and print media. Stay tuned for the full case study next month.

8. Digital + print

Print is still an essential part of many marketing plans, but it’s a whole lot more impactful when coupled with digital. Likewise, digital messages can also be extended through print. In short, they’re stronger together. It could be as simple as versioning a print publication for digital publication, or you could have even more fun with it. Take a look at our Nestlé150 augmented reality app case study to see how we showcased digitised content, including slideshows, video, and text, all accessible through scanning the Nestlé150 logo. This app complemented and was an extension of the physical Nestlé company holiday gift last year.

9. Audience analysis and data

The companies that invest the most in audience analysis and data are the most successful, hands down. The more you know about your target audience, the better content and user experiences you can create for them. Personalised digital experiences tailored to specific users’ needs will play an increasingly important role in 2018. Media Frontier offers in-depth market and competitor analysis packages and audience profile creation. These are the building blocks of a strong digital strategy, never more important than in 2018.

10. Try new technologies

The best way to stay ahead of the digital curve is to experiment with new technologies early on. In addition to all of the points mentioned above, it’s a good idea to reserve some resources for the unfamiliar. Perhaps an AI chat bot to improve your customer response rate, or automated features built into your website, or actually going ahead with that virtual reality element you’ve been discussing. Early experimentation pays off in the long run when your company is no longer playing catch-up. Media Frontier is here to introduce you to the tools and features that will set you apart from the crowd.


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