August 24, 2018

30 ideas for UGC content across 5 industries

Emma Baumhofer - Digital Marketing Manager

So you’re sold on the concept of user or employee generated content (UGC/EGC) but you’re not exactly sure how it fits into your communications strategy or organisation? UGC is such a broad content category and it can be used for so many different types of projects, that it can be hard to know where to begin.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you. Here’s some inspiration for the types of projects and communications you can use UGC and EGC content for across 5 different professional sectors.

Corporate communications

  • Celebrate achievements and create emotional connections within your organisation through EGC video
  • Encourage multiple language narratives between your globally dispersed employees
  • Lead conversations and spark engagement to reinforce your mission statement and core values
  • Share authentic accounts from your clients about their experience with your product or services
  • Create bite-size training videos to promote online training programmes

NGOs and international organisations

  • Create compelling content direct from your dispersed teams in the field
  • Capture the authentic voices of the communities you support
  • Share fast turnaround video content on all of your marketing channels
  • Engage the media directly in your work and your most important stories
  • Deliver video funding reports on the specific outcomes of your projects
  • Achieve more communications at lower cost to initiate even more positive impact on lives, communities and the environment


  • Connect conference presenters and audience members with video Q&A’s
  • Capture on the ground action at public events
  • Collect immediate responses from the audience
  • Deliver original highlight reels that underscore the success of your event
  • Gather real user testimonials and reviews at your product launch
  • Create an exhibitor insight showcase to engage visitors after the event and promote the next


  • Boost audience engagement through audience-generated content
  • Showcase content from all points of view at your event to create a 360º experience
  • Bring the experience of your live events, music shows and backstage experiences to your entire community
  • Share fast turnaround video content on all of your marketing channels
  • Engage the media directly with fan and entertainer created content
  • Deliver  real video experiences from a genuine and authentic point of view
  • Achieve more communications at lower costs with a global reach


  • Boost fan engagement through fan-generated content
  • Drive fan conversations far beyond the stadium, arena or pitch
  • Deliver direct communications from athletes to fans with athlete generated content  
  • Provide your fans with an experience they can embrace before, during and after the game
  • Extend the game chatter long past the end of the game
  • Boost your team brand into the video space outside of the standard broadcast

How to get started

CREWSTUDIO is the simplest and most cost-effective tool on the market for creating fast turnaround, professionally edited UGC/EGC content. Its simple to use interface gives users clear direction on how to capture excellent smartphone video and each project is tailored to your organisation or event.

Find out more and request a demo on crewstudio.com. The possibilities are endless with smart video content creation.

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