January 10, 2017

6 essential Chrome extensions for copywriters

Emma Baumhofer - Digital Marketing Manager

For a writer, nothing is better than getting into that flow, but that can be easier said than done. These Chrome extensions are my 6 go-to resources for helping me focus and making sure I send out top quality, flawless copy.


Calmly Writer

Distraction free writing, pure and simple. This Chrome app removes all the little things on your screen that can so easily grab your attention away from the writing at hand. It’s clean and refreshingly minimalistic. Just click that fullscreen mode and let the words flow.


Pomodoro Timer

If you’re familiar with the Pomodoro Technique, you’ll know that it can be a super useful method of harnessing your productivity by working in spurts of 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between. Just open up Calmly, set the timer, and work your heart out (you know that sweet break is just 25 minutes away).


Power Thesaurus

Self explanatory. When you’re writing, nothing is more important than the words you choose, and sometimes you need a little help breaking out of your usual wheelhouse. Just right click on a word and see your options.


Nanny for Chrome

Sometimes Calmly fullscreen mode is just not enough to tempt you away from all the fun on the internet. On days like these you have to nanny yourself a bit. Create a blacklist of distracting websites and then sets times for them to be available. Chrome Nanny will take care of the rest. (Ahem… how about that phone? Turn off ring and vibration and stick it in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind!)



Exactly what it sounds like. A little extension that’s got your back on all those nagging spelling and grammar issues before you publish.


Check my links

This extension is super useful, especially for those long article with tons of external links. There’s nothing worse than sending out copy with broken links! That’s a call to action right down the drain. This little guy gives a quick scan of the page and gives you a heads up if any of the links need fixing – life saver.


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