May 7, 2018

A day in the life of a production assistant

Elliot Zelmanovits - wtv. London

One of our top priorities at Media Frontier and our parent company wtv. is fostering the careers of our employees. When our Production and Events Assistant Elliot had an exciting work experience opportunity, we were happy to grant him two weeks away to follow up on the chance. Here, Elliot gives a play-by-play of what it’s like to be on location for commercial shoots in the UK, and just what exactly a Production Assistant job entails.

On the job as a Production Assistant

Last month, I undertook a two-week work experience placement as a Production Assistant at one of the country’s fastest-growing independent TV production companies. It was a busy and exciting two weeks and one that I’m glad to have been able to take in parallel with my career at wtv..

One of the main highlights of my time there was meeting cameramen, producers, directors and many more whilst having the opportunity to listen, respond to and learn from professionals in the TV production industry. The people I worked with, whether it was part of the production team, or with individuals for smaller research tasks, were extremely welcoming, making me feel more like a permanent fixture of office life than a mere freelancer. I am now more keen than ever to continue to work towards a career in production, and am especially encouraged by the very complimentary words I received from the team on my final day.

During my work experience, I was assigned the task of creating infographic sheets detailing client-specific skills, requirements and showreel summaries for a number of high-profile talent featured on upcoming shows for the likes of BBC1 and YouTube.

As well as knowledge building and content research, I also had the privilege of running on three client-facing production shoots, including one in Manchester. During the first week, responsibilities included escorting and introducing talent to relevant crew members, managing and fitting mic equipment and radios and working with the director and producer on general requirements needed across filming days. This would typically take place at the start of each day.

Since my trip to Manchester was booked last minute, I was put in charge of semi-coordinating travel for both myself and other freelancers, as well as sourcing locations for some of the day’s project-specific mini-tasks. This is something I had started to do at wtv. and therefore, was able to utilise my research skills in order to complete these tasks during my placement.

Having been with wtv. since the start of 2018, my growth in knowledge and confidence in my ability to handle and work equipment, communicate with clients and crew and organise myself and others to ensure that tasks are fulfilled, has been significant. My depth of knowledge and pool of contacts has only expanded further and I am grateful for wtv. for allowing me to undertake this placement to further my career.

wtv. Production Assistant, Elliot

About Elliot

Elliot is Production & Events Assistant at wtv. London. In addition to managing incoming client requests, Elliot works on location assisting on both Production shoots and Webcast services.

Outside of work, Elliot’s favourite food is marzipan, his favourite place is Paris and his favourite director is James Cameron.

Keep in touch with Elliot on @elliotzee and on LinkedIn.


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