November 1, 2017

Has the Krack compromised everyone’s Wifi?

Contributor - Paul Bristow - WRS Gadget Guru

The simple answer is ‘yes’, your wifi is compromised.

If you’re up to date on tech news you’ve probably heard about Krack, the new hack vulnerability discovered in wifi. It was discovered by a researcher, or “white hat hacker” if you will, in Belgium, Mathy Vanhoef. Krack stands for key reinstallation attack and it is no small hole. The weakness actually allows hackers to view everything on the networks they break into.

Unfortunately, this weakness affects anyone with a wifi enabled device, and you are at risk everywhere, whether you’re browsing at home or in public. BUT, try not to panic, the Gadget Guru has some recommendations for you.

Here’s what to do about KRACK

First, as soon as a security fix is proposed to you on your devices, do it. Every device that uses wifi needs an update.

Second, treat all wifi connections as if they are unsecured. So when you’re doing banking or shopping and entering in sensitive information, make sure you’re using a https secure connection. You’ll know you’re secure when you see the little padlock in the corner of the URL.

Still worried? A third recommendation is to use a VPN to add yet another layer of protection while browsing. You can do this on both your computer and your smartphone.

Learn more about KRACK

If you want to nerd out on all the details, check out the website krackattacks.com, written by Mathy Vanhoef.

Listen to the WRS podcast on the topic to learn more about Krack straight from the expert, Paul Browstow – WRS Gadget Guru.

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