June 12, 2018

Media Frontier sponsors Bike the Lake 2018

Media Frontier is proud to sponsor the 12th year of Bike the Lake, the informal and fun charitable cycle event around Lake Geneva. This year’s event takes place this Sunday if you want to join in! Check out our blog post from last year’s event: More than digital – MF bikes the lake.

Event details

We look forward to seeing you for the twelveth year of Bike The Lake. Join the Bike the Lake Facebook Group and Event.

WHEN: 17th June

MEET: 07.00am at Stade du Colovray carpark, Nyon, 1295

ROUTE: There are two options, whole lake (180km) or towards Lausanne and back (short version) please join accordingly.

Bike the Lake is an informal, social, charity cycle ride for fit cyclists who want to cycle around Lake Geneva in one day. It is not a day for cyclists who are racing against the clock or want to beat a personal best. It’s a day to cycle socially in groups of similarly paced cyclists or to help get first-timers around the lake with some old hands acting as bike buddies throughout the day.

What Bike the Lake offers

  • An opportunity to cycle socially in groups of similarly paced riders
  • Bike buddies cycling as part of each group, so we can cycle at different paces but still cycle socially
  • Refreshment stops across the day at defined points around the lake
  • Support vehicles in case of technical problems
  • A chance to chat, meet and cycle with other social cyclists
  • An opportunity to raise some money while enjoying one of the best days out in the year

Please note: while there is no cost to enrol for Bike the Lake, we recommend a CHF100 contribution, either personally or through sponsorship to the nominate charity.

Your donation

This year – as last – we are helping the community in Bungamati and have asked them to propose how we should best help them this year. DONATE HERE 

The Bike the Lake team has been biking for good for 12 years now and your participation has had incredible impact on people all around the world!! Just last year, all of you who participated in the event: helped empower a young, talented teacher to educate children in some of the most remote regions of Nepal; and brought a rainwater harvesting system to a group of highly entrepreneurial women living on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Every penny you have raised and donated has made a difference and has gone directly to those who are best placed to flourish with the funds. This year, we are giving you the opportunity to build on the wonderful achievements in Nepal so far and reach even more women, men and children.

So thanks for bringing out those bikes and wheeling around to make this world a better place, for everyone!!!

Feel free to get friends, family or your company to sponsor you. If you don’t fancy that, then we just ask that your charitable donation (for adults only) is made either directly to the charity by credit card via the GoFundMe page before the day, or paid in cash on the day.

Thank you and to find out more about local organizations you are contributing to, visit Teach for Nepal and Sabah.

Keeping the informal and social spirit of Bike the Lake in mind, don’t just come along yourself this year, but find other friends, work colleagues and social cyclists who would like to cycle round the lake with you.

Challenge them and tell them you’ll be there to get them round. Use your own Facebook, Linkedin and other social media networks to get people involved and, if possible, to also make a donation.


This is how the rough timings work across the day.

MEET TIME: 07.00 – Stade du Colovray, Nyon

START TIME: 07.30 (note: you can park for free all day)

BREAKFAST STOP: from 08.30 to 09.30 – Hermance cafe on RHS as you cycle through
(note: this is an optional stop but as there’s no coffee and croissant at the early start, this is your chance to wake up and relax by the lake. Thanks to Real Estate Partners Knight Frank for their generosity in sponsoring this pit stop.)

MID-MORNING STOP: from 10.00 to 11.00 – Evian Les Bains PMU, 4 rue de la Monnaie
(note: this is where those who are cycling half the lake catch the ferry to Lausanne – ticket with bike to Nyon, approx. CHF30)

LUNCH STOP: from 11.30 to 13.30 – Vevey Main Square (north side)
(note: we park the support vehicles in the main square and everyone takes their pick from several cafés/restaurants on the north side of the square.)

ICE CREAM STOP!: from 13.30 to 14.30 – Lausanne Quai D’Ouchy – Mövenpick Hotel, for those still hungry or hot.

FINISH LINE AT COLOVRAY: as usual you will receive a warm welcome at the finish line from the Whibleys and can collect your cycling cap.

TEA: from 16.00 at Stade du Colovray, Nyon
(note: our loyal tea-making volunteers will be providing us with tea, cold drinks, cakes and maybe even some beer to celebrate.

CELEBRATORY DINNER: An informal dinner will take place at the restaurant next to the car park from around 18.00. Restaurant de Colovray for those who want to attend. There are showers in the Stade Du Colovray or at the Piscine du Nyon across the road. We agree a set menu at the special price of CHF30 per person and ask that people settle alcoholic drinks separately.

Thanks to our sponsors; Media Frontier, Partner Real Estate Knight Frank, Brogue Shoes and to Liam Anderson.

Food, money and other important stuff

  • As always we don’t book cafés and restaurants along the route. We simply tell them that a group is going to be arriving across a range of rough times as we never know the exact numbers for the day.
  • We keep the final refreshment options up to you and groups generally stop wherever there are facilities and where support vehicles can park close by.
  • All costs need to be covered personally on the day, including your own personal insurance. Bike the Lake is an informal, volunteer-run day and cycling Bike the Lake is entirely at your own risk.
  • We provide free water and energy bars in the support vehicles, as well as tools for simple bike repairs and room for spare bags and clothes. We advise carrying a puncture repair kit, spare inner tube and sun cream on your bike.
  • The day is free (apart from the charity bit). There is no formal registration but we do ask you to confirm your attendance on the Bike the Lake Event on Facebook so we can gauge numbers.
  • We have a very rough limit of 100 cyclists before the police and authorities require notification of an official event but do feel free to share this flyer with friends and colleagues.

So, there you go. See you on Sunday 17th June 2018. Set your alarm for early.

Wishing you an enjoyable and fulfilling day and hope you like your vintage cycling cap courtesy of Media Frontier, Partner Real Estate Knight Frank and Brogue shoes.

If for any reason you need some support please find below some useful numbers, just in case…

112 is the international emergency phone number, which works whether you are in France or Switzerland. 

Support vehicles contact numbers 
Mark Butcher – +41 79 598 74 09
Arnaud Duret – +41 78 630 05 00

Rider contact numbers
Tim Whibley – +33 6 52 54 85 61 / +44 7937 978599
Peter Sibley – +41 78 739 78 30
Neil Archer – +41 78 934 49 84
Rob Lawton – +41 79 724 85 90
Jon Bastow – +41 79 500 01 30
Fulvio Honneger – +41 78 886 60 65

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time to support his event.

Thanks also to Partner Real Estate Knight Frank, Media Frontier and Brogue shoes for sponsoring the cycling caps.

Download a PDF of this information and the insurance waiver.

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