June 27, 2018

The Media Frontier summer guide to after work fun in Geneva

MF team

One of the best parts of working at Media Frontier is having a fantastic team, full of people who you actually want to hang out with after work! It’s summertime and the days in Switzerland are gloriously long so a few team members from the Geneva office put together a guide to some of our favourite places to enjoy a libation, a show and a view together after work.


My personal highlight since moving to Geneva was seeing the Renegade Saints improv group perform at Pickwick’s Pub. This was such a fun evening, performed by a great bunch of people. You’re guaranteed to laugh. Bain de Paquis is another favourite in all seasons. I like the relaxed vibe in the evening and the fondue is fab! Finally, La Perle du Lac does great ice cream and has a beautiful view.


The Wake Sport Center quite possibly has the best sunset in Geneva. It’s on the south side of the lake so you have a great view and you also get the sun for a lot longer. It’s not too expensive and you can do other water sports there too, like stand up paddleboarding. My other favourite is Bateau Geneve. It’s a very cool bar on a boat but they also support reintegration initiatives for the homeless so you’re supporting a good cause while you have a good time.


I’m new to Geneva so I’m still discovering the city, but one place I love in the Bain de Paquis. The atmosphere is fantastic and there is a pool, sauna, food and a panoramic view. It is the place to be at the end of a sunny spring day with a glass of wine and if you’re in the mood you can eat the local cheese fondue. Another perfect place for an after-work drink is Bateau-Lavoir. It’s a nice casual bar with tapas and drinks on top of a permanently parked boat on the Rhone. It also offers internship and job training opportunities for youth.


The Thursday night wine and cheese market behind Cornavin is a favorite for me. It feels so French and since I live in Bern (in the German-speaking part of Switzerland) that’s fun and different. Who can argue with open-air wine, cheese and charcuterie? It’s a year-round event but it’s at its best during warm summer evenings. Since I’m always running to catch my train out of Geneva, most of my favourites are near to the station! Another spot that I love for an after-work pint is La Petite Reine. It’s small and cozy with a groovy vibe and eclectic clientele.


I’m one of the few MF team members who is actually from the Geneva region (well, partially) so I have lots of favourites!

  • La Tasca is an amazing and adorable Spanish restaurant near Gare Cornavin.
  • Le Poulpe is a really cool venue/bar/restaurant that serves delicious food and has great concerts.
  • Scandale is a popular after-work bar/restaurant for pizza and cocktails.
  • Le Florimond is a fantastic restaurant with a phenomenal view of the Jura.
  • La Barje is only open in the summer. It’s a bar right by the water with great atmosphere and a cute setup.
  • L’Atelier Cocktail, as the name suggests, is the place to find fantastic cocktails.
  • L’Usine has multiple parts. There is le REZ, le Zoo and La Makhno where you can catch concerts and artists of all genres from everywhere.
  • Chat Noir is a bar/restaurant/venue in Carouge that offers a great selection of concerts of all genres of music.

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