March 23, 2017

When pro bono projects are a good idea

Lisa Kerrigan - Client Services Director

At Media Frontier we take on some pretty big clients who are big into changing the world. Being a part of that feels like nothing else! But for all the well-funded NGOs in the world, there are many one-man-band operations that are changing things in their own worlds, and often on little to no budget. We’ve learned that sometimes it’s a good idea to say yes to some pro bono work when they reach out for help.

It’s not like we have a lot of time, and it can be daunting to add an additional project on top of the existing paid work and tight deadlines. In fact, most days our team is taking as quick a lunch break as possible, or missing that early evening gym session so as to do what we do best, make our clients happy! But occasionally, when it’s a cause close to our hearts, we can squeeze in a small request when we’ve finished a project ahead of schedule.


Here’s why we take on select pro bono projects


It’s fulfilling!

Paid or not, we take great pride in our work. Whether we’re helping tackle global climate issues for a well-funded client or helping a tired mother find some precious relief in our community, we feel good.


It’s challenging!

Finding time to add in extra workload isn’t easy, and it’s important to manage deadline expectations and tight communications with a pro bono project. But when we’re challenged we stretch ourselves and we find new ways of doing our work that we haven’t had the chance to before. We also find ourselves dipping into our colleagues’ areas of expertise in the process, helping to expand our depth of knowledge.


It’s refreshing!

We can spend months on a paid project, and we love it, digging deep and becoming our clients’ trusted partner in achieving their goals. But to have something new to dip in and out of can take the edge off. It helps give a refreshing perspective, and a pro bono solution may even end up inspiring an idea for a paying client. In the end, the more varied projects we work on, the more all of our clients benefit!


Lisa Kerrigan is working with the Gloriamundi Foundation (a free communications support agency) on providing a pro bono communications strategy ahead of a brand refresh for the caregiver/family matching platform, Atypicalsmile. She encourages fellow creative professionals and agencies to get involved! 

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