November 14, 2018

How to support and inspire excellent Employee Generated Content (EGC) creation

Emma Baumhofer - Digital Marketing Manager

Employee generated content (EGC) sounds great and many communications experts are ready to jump on board. It has a plethora of uses, from internal training to testimonials to connecting globally dispersed team members, to name a few. In practice though, EGC content can be easier to talk about than to actually create, especially video content. It may sound like a fantastic idea to management but be met with a lackluster employee response.

Lack of response from employees could be initiated by:

  • Camera shyness
  • Questions about what to say
  • Feeling awkward or forced when following a script
  • Being too busy and not feeling they can prioritise the task over their other work
  • Uninterested in the prompt
  • Assuming someone else will take care of it

Even if you can motivate your employees, it can also be difficult to capture good content, due to:

  • Poor sound and lighting
  • Long-winded responses
  • A bad setting
  • Unclear topic or prompt
  • Incorrect camera orientation
  • Subjects who are ill at ease

How do you circumvent these issues?

  • Consider being inclusive in the topic creation process. Hold a workshop or ask for idea submissions from various teams
  • Create a clear and concise project brief to let all participants know exactly what the video is about and for what purpose it will be used for
  • Assign specific tasks to specific people
  • Provide direct feedback on how to capture quality video with a smartphone
  • Utilise professional editing services to create your final product
  • Share the final video with everyone to see what their hard work created!

Recommended EGC video tool

CREWSTUDIO app is the tool that we recommend using for EGC video projects. It has an easy to use interface and includes built-in task lists and filming tips. Submitted content is stored on a secure server and is professionally edited by wtv. to create a high-quality EGC video for your communications. It’s also cost-effective. Projects start at just CHF2,500. Get started with your project today or request a demo to learn more.

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