September 19, 2018

UGC is the missing link in your communications strategy

Emma Baumhofer - Digital Marketing Manager

What is UGC and EGC?

UGC stands for user-generated content. You might also hear it described as employee generated content (EGC). UGC and EGC refer to content that is created by real people rather than corporate communications or marketing teams. This type of content can take many forms. It could be a tweet, a Facebook post, a smartphone video, a photo, an online comment, a testimonial, or an online product review, to name a few.

Why is UGC/EGC so compelling?

UGC/EGC messages are not professionally crafted so they are perceived to be authentic opinions and are therefore received with more trust by their audiences. This type of content is compelling because it offers personal insights on a given topic without the gloss of advertising. UGC captures first-hand experiences and gives a face to your community. For companies, EGC provides a chance to showcase, listen to and share the stories and opinions of their employees both internally and externally.

How can companies, organisations and events utilise UGC/EGC?

  • Produce relevant, creative content for corporate communications strategy
  • Amplify the voices of employees with collaborative, authentic video content
  • Everywhere is a film set. Tell the stories of globally dispersed teams
  • Drive traffic and employee engagement by making communication human again
  • Showcase testimonials and product reviews

For more industry-specific inspiration, check out our post 30 ideas for UGC video content across 5 industries.

How to capture high-quality UGC/EGC content?

UGC/EGC content can be collected in many ways. You can ask your community and employees to send in content, you can source it from social media or you can use a content creation tool. Some of the many perks of using a UGC tool is the ability to control what topics you’d like covered, provide video best practices, create task lists and store submitted video clips on a secure server.

CREWSTUDIO is the powerful new UGC/EGC video creation app by wtv. that empowers users to create high-quality video content on a dedicated project theme. You control the topic and assign specific tasks to your community. wtv. professionally edits the footage and turns around an authentic and cost-effective communications tool for your project or organisation.


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