I Speak Out Now

  • Communications strategy
  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Development
  • Video & animation
  • Localisation
  • Global campaign design and delivery

    The Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General required a full-service agency to help design a global whistle-blowing campaign to minimise and report potential wrongdoing across their global financial supply chain. The campaign design process required strategic consultancy, audience and stakeholder analysis, smart surveys, brand concept and design and production of a wide range of deliverables and communication tools to support the campaign.




  • Campaign delivery

    After conducting a deep review of the organisation’s multiple audiences, stakeholders and public audiences we developed an original concept, copy and brand to launch the campaign. We designed and built an intelligent, interactive e-learning platform from scratch to support the roll-out of the campaign, including high quality animations, testimonial videos and case study content. Media Frontier developed editorial messaging and scripting to support the animation and conducted original video production in a number of locations. The campaign required localisation in African and European countries which included print brochures, outdoor poster campaign creation, display stands and the production of broadcast standard public service announcements (PSAs) in multiple languages. Media Frontier developed social media toolkits which collated all the media assets and content required to launch the campaign through the organisations extensive reach. Media Frontier continues to support the Global Fund with an onging evolution and extension of the global campaign.