Honda HR-V launch film

  • Video & Animation
  • The┬ábrief

    To produce a film that supported and complemented the launch of the Honda HR-V. The film needed to feel sophisticated and edgy to support the design of the car and the branded launch campaign.

  • The┬ásolution

    The car was produced and released to compete in the SUV market as a cheaper option. Therefore, there were lots of design features that needed to be communicated to the audience.

    Ensuring the film contained an overall creative and edgy feel was important to compliment the style of the car and branded campaign launch. We opted to film the car in a studio with a specialised lighting rig from above.

    It was important to inject a sense of movement into all the shots. A small crane was used to capture aerial shots and reveal different functionalities of the car. All the shots were planned and some framed with the intention of using tracked graphics that provided additional information.

    The music style was purposely chosen as an edgy modern track as we felt it suited the intention of Honda in creating this car to disrupt the SUV market. The editing is fast paced and jumpy to contribute to the overall style of the film.

    The film was used several times in exhibitions and presentations.