HSBC – Lions Master Animation

  • Video & Animation

The brief

HSBC wanted to create an animation to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the two lions Stephen and Stitt (that sit outside all their branches) being returned to their Hong Kong office after they were taken away by the Japanese army and nearly melted down for ammunition.

The animation should explain the story behind how the two lions came to exist and give some fun facts and figures about them as they were replicated and placed outside HSBC branches globally. The content was to be used on HSBC’s social media channels to start conversations about the two Lions as well as making the bank seem more human.

The solution

We wrote a script from information we had on the two lions then revisited the parallax and ‘fly-through’ environment style from the Sibos animations earlier in the year. We used photographic assets provided by the client as the basis for the work and added our own sepia wash to add a slightly aged and more nostalgic feel. This was combined with music and sound effects so that the content would work with or without sound.