ICRC digital audit & benchmarking

  • Digital audit
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Digital consulting
  • The brief

    The Law and Policy Forum of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC – IHL) offers an impressive array of digital resources, targeting audiences including policymakers, academics and the general public. Although they offer a wide variety of resources, they sought an evaluation of the discoverability and user experience of these resources as well as an understanding of their quality in comparison to other public policy outreach tools.

  • The deliverables

    Media Frontier undertook the evaluation of existing IHL digital resources, including e-learning, newsletter, social media, databases, journal, case books, blog and event media. In addition to this digital audit, we conducted extensive internal and external surveys, analytics analysis, competitor benchmarking and engaged 382 “ICRC Digital Influencers”. All of this work was used to provide clear next steps for further improvements.

  • Digital benchmarking

    Our Digital Benchmark Study assessed the current audience types and sectors (public sector, private sector, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, Red Cross Red Crescent Movement). It included a competitor benchmark of public policy sector outreach tools (digital tools to disseminate information and inform/influence public policy) to identify potential areas of growth. Additionally, the study offered strategic orientations for the evolution of the Law and Policy digital strategy to maximise impact in terms of reaching, engaging and mobilizing law and policy target audiences.

  • Findings summary

    The results were very positive for the ICRC. The IHL digital resources are well regarded, professionally respected and extensively used. Our Recommendations Report included sections on strategy, discoverability, user experience and content as well as actionable next steps.

    Of the 874 total external survey respondent, 382 agreed to become “ICRC Digital Influencers”, providing additional feedback when called upon. We recommended that ICRC – IHL begin activating this group immediately.