ISF – Communications consulting

  • Digital consulting
  • Persona workshop
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Key messages
  • Campaign strategy
  • Background

    The International Seed Federation (ISF) is a not-for-profit organisation in operation since 1924. It is widely regarded as the “voice of the global seed industry”, with the mission to “create the best environment for the global movement of seed and promote plant breeding and innovation in seed.”

The brief

ISF launched their social media efforts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in 2017. After 18 months of small results, they sought expert strategy guidance on how to leverage social to create impact and reach a wider audience with their campaigns. Their goal is to launch 3x campaigns per year – beginning with a campaign about illegal seed practices for this project. ISF’s content primarily targets experts in the field, governments and seed associations. However, they recognise the general public as a politically influential secondary audience who they hope to also reach through social media.

  • Persona profiling

    ISF is an international organisation with member associations all around the world and they have struggled to find a unified communications thread that is relevant to this disparate group. With this in mind, we launched the project with a persona workshop, conducted in three sessions at the ISF offices and including a selection of key stakeholders from ISF and the global seed industry. Once we were able to focus on the primary audiences for ISF, we used this information to inform the rest of our digital communications strategy. 

  • Stakeholder interviews

    Media Frontier conducted six 45-minute interviews with seed industry experts from dispersed international regions, including the Philippines, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Argentina and Zambia. The purpose of these interviews was to gather a variety of perspectives on illegal seed practices and to listen to the different priorities and pain points of each region. Each stakeholder told a unique story and yet, common themes emerged, especially around the hard stance that needs to be taken globally against infringement. We were able to distill the information from the interviews into five key messages that will become the driving themes of the international communications campaign against illegal seed practices.

Campaign strategy

We wrote a detailed communications strategy roadmap outlining our specific recommendations for executing the illegal seed practices campaign, both online and at the annual World Seed Congress. It builds on the existing digital tools and infrastructure utilised by ISF but also pushes beyond these familiar channels toward a multimedia digital strategy that will maximise reach and engagement with the latest technology and content creation tools.

The report includes

  • Recommendations for existing and new ISF digital platforms
  • Recommendations for an enhanced digital strategy
  • Suggested tools and methodologies to improve reach and quality of content
  • Strategies for efficiently activating and engaging an international digital campaign
  • Suggestions for digital, print and video content

We look forward to continuing work on this project with ISF.