Nestlé150 years augmented reality app

  • Concept
  • Communications strategy
  • Editorial
  • Graphic Design
  • User Experience
  • Video & animation
  • Augmented Reality
  • nest-brief

  • The brief

    Nestlé required a full-service design agency to help create a digital experience of the 2016 Nestlé gift that would bring the symbolism of the nest – Nestlé’s inspirational logo – to life. The gift, a beautiful artistic representation of the nest by leading design company Alessi is distributed globally to thousands of employees and partners. The digital manifestation of the gift was designed to support the feelings of identity and belonging to an organisation with a deep history, strong values and a unique story.

  • The solution

    After extensive research into the history of Nestlé, Media Frontier focussed the content on three editorial areas; the symbolism of the nest and the museums and art collections that represent Nestlé in its 150th year and the creation of the 2016 Nestlé gift. The value of the nest was demonstrated through a visual and narrative arc with the mantra ‘see more, do more, know more’. We created nest visualisations and icons that represented the core values of the 150 year celebrations.


  • The Augmented Reality experience

    Media Frontier created a non-linear narrative that allows users to ‘explore’ and provides an immersive interactive experience for high engagement. We clearly mapped a range of user journeys to ensure the user would feel empowered through their control over the Nestlé content. Our in-house design teams and developers then created the augmented reality experience. We supported the detailed testing and security processes required by a demanding client like Nestlé to enable the app to be safely launched onto app stores worldwide; on time and on budget.

  • Original  Script and Film Content

    Media Frontier spent a good deal of research time with the Nestlé history books and the creative and technical teams all visited Nestlé’s inspirational museums, buildings and Art Collections. From this we created original scripts tightly aligned to Nestlés corporate values and storyboarded visually engaging films for the app content. Filming took place in Italy and Switzerland during 2016.

  • Slideshows

    With so much rich media content that couldn’t be captured within the short films, we created interactive slideshow carousels that would allow us to share even more of the museum’s content, Nestlé story and the images that captured the making of the Alessi nest.