Leo the baggage robot

  • Video & animation
  • Storyboarding
  • The need

    Media Frontier created a short video for SITA’s latest air transport invention Leo. The project formed part of SITA’s digital communications and media outputs. Leo, a pilot project, is a revolutionary robot designed to improve a passenger’s airport journey and is the first if its kind. Leo has the capability to check in a passenger’s luggage, issue a Boarding pass and transport bags automatically to a baggage handling area without human intervention. Its intelligent programming allows it to navigate the exact environment of an airport and minimise the clogging effect of baggage in a high traffic environment.



  • The video

    The SITA promotional video was created to communicate the design and function of Leo the baggage robot in a live passenger situation. It highlights the work of the innovation laboratory where SITA develops and tests new solutions and technologies for the aviation industry worldwide. The footage was created in Geneva with the cooperation of Geneva Airport and Swiss Air, and unsuspecting passengers who volunteered to be the first in the world to experience the robot.

    The video was shot in one day and post-produced in two days to enable a timely release to the world’s media, including dedicated local media coverage on Switzerland’s English radio station website, www.worldradio.ch.