We Speak Together – Global Fund

  • Video & Animation
  • The brief

    The Global Fund required a visually appealing and shareable video to transmit the important message of their “We Speak Together” campaign to help their employees better understand internal processes, whilst learning to identify and report wrongdoing in the most effective way. This was phase two of the larger “I Speak Out Now” branding campaign Media Frontier designed for the Global Fund that was targeted at a wider external audience of fund recipients, partners, governments, and the general public out in the field, to encourage the reporting of wrongdoing. 

  • The solution

    To help this campaign really kick off, we wanted to create more than your average video. We crafted an innovative and interactive decision tree, allowing viewers to participate actively in the storyline by choosing how the characters should react. We created original animations, and instead of relying on a voice over, composed original music and sound effects to enhance the story. In addition to the decision tree video Media Frontier produced a teaser promo video, content for an e-learning platform, and a multilingual toolkit for Global Fund partners in the field to help them identify and report wrongdoing.