Standard Chartered – Education for Entrepreneurs

  • Video & animation
  • The brief

    Standard Chartered’s “Education for Entrepreneurs” initiative aims to build financial capacity among young people and micro / small businesses. Financial education through well-designed, targeted interventions enhances knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand how money works, and how it is earned, managed, invested and protected. The objective of this film was to showcase the benefits the initiative brings to people and communities within the markets and communities that Standard Chartered operate within and to tell the story of how EFE helped Adong Everlyn with her business in Gulu, Uganda.

  • The solution

    To ensure this film resonated with its targeted audience, and that we achieved maximum authenticity and engagement, it was critical to move away from Standard Chartered’s corporate voice and instead, tell Adong’s story in her own words. Capturing Adong in her own environment, her home, and with her family created a very emotive film. We purposely kept references to Standard Chartered to a minimum, fostering a more real and authentic tone. Most shots were filmed in slow motion to maximise the emotional impact in the film. The musical bed was crucial in bringing all the elements together to produce a highly emotional and engaging film.